Thank You for Helping Nepal

Dear friends,

I just returned from Kathmandu, Nepal and was able to meet with our project partners, local organizations, evacuees living in tent camps and large relief groups. Your kind donation to The Bridge Fund enabled us to quickly and efficiently help local people in need.


To date we have provided $13,000 directly to Nepal for:

  • Tents, supplies and food
  • Support to local artisans, weavers and workers
  • Support for nuns, monks and caretakers living in tent camps
  • Assistance for tent camps
Helping Sunita’s family- she was part of our Fibre Tibet artisan work and lost her life in the earthquake.


This week TBF will disburse the remaining $12,000 in funds we have received to support Buddhist groups who are providing much needed food, shelter and supplies. Thank you for you kind support from Many Hearts in the Himalayas! We will keep you updated.


photo 4[2]


We have developed a project with Fibre Tibet to help generate income for people living in tent camps They earn 100 rupees ($1 per piece) and the additional profits will go back to help their community rebuild.

Thank you!

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