Supporting Herder Cooperatives on the Tibetan Plateau

Fresh milk being churned into butter

Depending on high, rugged terrain for their livelihood, the people of the Tibetan Plateau have adapted to the challenges of their environment by best utilizing the assets they have in place. The Tibetan economy has traditionally centered on agricultural activity and livestock production. Today an estimated 40% of the Tibetan population of China continues to be nomadic or semi-nomadic and subsists on a pastoralist economy. But changes to traditional social and economic systems, isolation from modern trading centers, and limited access to educational opportunities are among the many challenges that these communities now face. The Bridge Fund (TBF) is partnering with herder communities to implement solutions that help them adapt to these challenges by utilizing the strengths of their traditional livelihoods. TBF is currently supporting the development of four herder cooperatives in pastoral communities of Sichuan and Qinghai Provinces. By partnering with cooperatives, TBF is helping herders expand their skills, enhance production and secure a foothold for their products in new markets.

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