Strengthening the Capacity of Tibetan Organizations

The Khamba Cultural Heritage Preservation Group reviewing their analysis
The Khamba Cultural Heritage Preservation Group reviewing their analysis.

The Bridge Fund has provided tools and resources to start and develop the capacity of Tibetan organizations in China for more than 13 years. During the past 3 years we have provided targeted support, including project grants and training to over 48 local Tibetan NGOs and CSOs.  In January 2013 TBF implemented a strategic planning and organizational development training for 7 local Tibetan organizations.

Developing a strategic plan enables an organization to refine its mission and goals and become more effective at delivering programs and services.  Local Tibetan organizations are identifying and supporting innovative, high impact solutions to address poverty alleviation, healthcare, education gaps and needs, and pressing cultural and environmental issues.

The Bridge Fund developed a project with the aim to support groups that are ready to launch into the next phase of organizational growth and will benefit from strategic planning.  The training also contributes to building local Tibetan staff’s individual knowledge of organizational management and improves their planning, management and monitoring and evaluation skills.

Participants having a group discussion during the training.
Participants having a group discussion during the training.

The first phase of the training was conducted in January 2013 in Chengdu, China.  Seven Tibetan organizations were selected for the training program.  Eighteen Tibetan staff representatives participated in TBF’s 3-day strategic planning preparatory training.  The content of the training was designed based on organizational assessments conducted by the trainers from the Capacity Building and Assessment Center (CBAC). The training provided an overview of the strategic planning process, concepts, and assessment tools for organizational management and planning.  For most of the participants this was their first opportunity to attend a strategic planning training. The Tibetan NGO and CSO staff gained the skills they need to develop a strategic plan for their organizations.

The participants will gather data and information needed to prepare for the next session to be held in Spring 2014.  Each organization will develop a complete strategic plan at the next training to help them move forward in achieving their goals to improve Tibetan communities in China and strengthen the role of civil society in sustainable development activities.

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