Receive a beautiful rug when you donate to TBF

The Bridge Fund is offering this one of a kind wool hook rug made by Melina White of Seal Harbor Rugs, Maine, USA. ┬áMelina has donated her time and talents to make it possible for TBF to start a rug training program with Tibetans at TBF’s nomad cooperative.

The first donor or foundation to make a donation of $10,000 or more will receive this rug.

Please contact:

Thank you for your support!


Tibetan Antelopes, Snow Leopard and Horses.
Back of rug signed by Melina.


A scene of the Tibetan plateau featuring a temple, nomads and mountains. This beautiful rendering of Tibetan life evokes the special culture and environment of Tibet.
Detailed handwork and finish make the back as beautiful as the front of the rug.

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