The Bridge Fund supports initiatives to improve and expand healthcare through construction and renovation of clinics and hospitals, preservation and publication of traditional Tibetan medical texts, production of multimedia training tools on traditional Tibetan medicine and modernization of the medical system through research.

Select Activities

  • Renovation of private Tibetan medicine clinics
  • Construction of Tibetan Medicine clinics
  • Development and Publication of Tibetan Medicine Training CD ROM Project for Tibetan Medical students and Tibetan Medical practitioners
  • Support for programs to improve children’s healthcare services in the Lhasa area and Chamdo Prefecture
  • Healthcare assessment and evaluation of TBF projects in the Tibet Autonomous Region, Qinghai and Sichuan Provinces
  • Scholarships for nursing students and Tibetan Medical College students
  • Publication and free distribvution of 20,000 copies of Tibetan and Chinese language versions of Where There is No Doctor: A Village Healthcare Handbook
  • Collaboration with Save the Children in support of a program to promote healthcare and HIV/AIDS prevention and train healthcare workers on a three year program
  • Multi year training for maternal and child healthcare in Golok, Yushu and Nagchu
  • Two healthcare surveys of TBF focal areas
  • Birth attendant training programs
  • Nomad doctor training in Yushu, Golok and Nagchu
  • Support for local and international healthcare NGOs

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