In the Tibetan plateau, nomads in particular, greatly need improved access to education due to their isolation and the remote area. In an effort to change this, The Bridge Fund is constructing and renovating school buildings, funding libraries, supporting teacher training, distributing free Tibetan-language textbooks to schools across the Plateau, providing need- and merit-based scholarships to students at all scholastic levels, setting up computer centers and building recreation facilities — all with a view toward re-engaging community interest in and support for schools and formal education.

Select Activities

  • Construction of 9 complete schools, some in traditional Tibetan architectural style
  • 85 Projects to renovate and improve existing schools including: Libraries, clinics, kitchens and cafeterias, construction of basketball courts, athletic and art supplies, tree planting projects, stipends and food, improvements to dormitories and teacher quarters, greenhouses to supply vegetables to students and teachers, yak herds to supply diary products to students and teachers
  • Publication and free distribution of 87,000 Tibetan-language textbooks and publication
  • Development and on-going support of 4 English training programs in Xining, Yushu Prefecture and Golok Prefecture, Qinghai Province and Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan Province
  • Scholarships awarded annually to over 1,000 Tibetan students from all areas of the Plateau
  • Funding to establish computer training facilities in Xunhua, Yushu, Regong, Matod and Dartsedo
  • Support for orphanages
  • Annual support for teacher and headmaster training programs in Ganzi, Yushu and Golok Prefectures
  • Scholarship program for Higher Education-supporting a masters degree program for study abroad for Tibetan professionals
  • Development and support of vocational training programs

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