Recognizing that restoration of cultural sites, relics and traditions increases the value of cultural assets, The Bridge Fund’s cultural heritage preservation program addresses the most significant preservation priorities set by local Tibetan communities, experts and scholars. TBF cultural initiatives and partnerships have been implemented across the Tibetan Plateau. From training thangka painters or teams of local conservators in the art of ancient fresco restoration, to the recording of oral traditions of storytelling and song, TBF collaborates with Tibetan communities to revitalize and preserve their unique artistic traditions.

The Bridge Fund integrates culture into all of its programs, not just those which specifically address cultural heritage and, by doing so, TBF promotes Tibetan culture as a whole. TBF strongly encourages the use of Tibetan language in trainings, publications and education programs.

Select Support Activities

  • Renovations of important cultural and spiritual sites, such as Tibetan Buddhist nunneries and temples
  • Restorations of existing mani walls and training artisans — and unemployed youth — to carve new mani stones with Buddhist mantras, or prayers
  • Rare text preservation and publication
  • Revitalization of traditional paper making and wood block printing
  • Seed funding for the publication of cultural journal
  • Cultural exchange program for Tibetan scholars
  • Grant to develop universal Tibetan font for computing and Tibetan language software
  • Preservation of historic building in the Lhasa Bharkor