Recognizing that restoration of cultural and historical sites, cultural relics and traditions increases the value, both real and perceived, of local cultural assets, The Bridge Fund’s Cultural Heritage Preservation Program addresses the most significant preservation priorities set by local communities, scholars and experts.

The Bridge Fund reinforces our preservation efforts through partnerships with organizations and local partnerships.

Select Achievements

  • Restoration support for the Zemkhang Historic site in Litang
  • Funding for rare Buddhist text preservation and publication
  • Grants to local communities to support the restoration of historic sites such as De Gompo in Ganzi and Tabalina in Yunnan
  • Support for the preservation of wood printing blocks and revitalization of traditional papermaking at the Derge Parkhang
  • Training for unemployed Tibetan youth to become mani stone carvers
  • Funding for the restoration of Yushu Mani Wall in Jyekundo and Hor Mani Wall in Regong
  • Restoration and cultural heritage program with CERS (China Exploration and Research Society)
  • Support for cultural journals and publications
  • Support of cultural exchange program for Tibetan scholars
  • Grants to develop universal Tibetan font for computing and Tibetan-language software
  • Restoration and preservation of historic building in Lhasa Bharkor now housing the Tibet Artisan Initiative and Dropenling Handicraft Center
  • Annual support to Dege Parkhang for text preservation, catalog of archive, traditional papermaking, wood block carving and production of traditional ink
  • Development of project to restore historic residence in Rebgong
  • 700 Year old Minyak Temple restoration project
  • Children’s animation in Kham dialect

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