The main objective of The Bridge Fund’s community development programs is to reduce poverty and increase participation in the development process at the local level

Select Activities

  • Support for development of local Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Local NGO study and training tours
  • Seed funding to support local NGOs and local institutions
  • Implementation of water supply projects
  • Livestock loan programs (yak, sheep and goat banks)
  • Cooperation with Heifer Project International
  • Training for nomad veterinarians
  • Construction of elderly residence homes serving nomadic populations
  • Construction of village greenhouses
  • Support for an agro-processing project in Kongpo
  • Training clinics to help nomads add value to their fiber collection
  • Barley milling projects to decrease manual labor
  • Solar cooker projects to reduce consumption of firewood and ease women’s labor
  • Pastoral Development sector assessments and workshops
  • Publication of Tibetan veterinary texts
  • Solar technology for heat and electricity for clinics, villages and schools
  • Sanitation improvement
  • Development internship program for Tibetan students to design and implement projects to help communities

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