The Bridge Fund supports a number of programs designed to provide skilled and semi-skilled workers better access to jobs, and to help small to medium-sized business ventures gain market access and increase viability. The Bridge Fund sponsors entrepreneur training focused on business management and marketing to equip local entrepreneurs to take advantage of economic opportunities and make Tibetan enterprises more competitive.

Encouraging Business Development

  • Small to Medium Size Enterprise Training Programs (week long to one year training courses for Tibetan businesspeople)
  • Business Management Text publication in Tibetan
  • Support for establishment of a cultural center devoted to traditional handicrafts
  • TBF has provided $150,000 to Tibet Poverty Alleviation Fund to start the Dropenling Craft Center and the Tibet Artisan Initiative
  • Vocational training programs in Lhasa, Golok, Yushu, Regong and Lhanzhou
  • Support for rural construction skills training
  • Artisan Skills Training in Lhasa and Regong
  • Tourism jobs skills training in Lhasa and Ganzi Prefecture
  • Dutch Government-sponsored vocational training in Aba Prefecture
  • Support for development of solar technology business run by Tibetan women
  • Comprehensive business development sector assessments and feasibility surveys
  • Facilitating contacts for business development resources
  • Co-op development
  • Eco-tourism training and study tours

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