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Dear Friends:

The earthquake in Nepal has been devastating. Many lives have been lost-right now an estimated 6,000, many more injured and lots of damage to homes, roads, businesses and sacred and cultural sites. Many of us have experienced and been enriched by the kindness of the people of Nepal, their diverse beautiful cultures, spirituality, wildlife, lands and amazing mountains. It is a poor country but abundant in spiritual, cultural and environmental resources.

For most of us there are few worries about having water to drink, cook or wash with, food, a hot cup of tea or coffee, electricity or access to medical care and a warm, safe dry home with a telephone that works. This tragedy in Nepal is hard to imagine but right now hundreds of thousands of people have little or no shelter, are injured and are struggling to access water, food, fuel for generators, communicate and get back to their normal lives. It is unseasonably cold and rainy in Kathmandu these days too.

Please consider making a donation of $5, $10, $25 or more to help Nepal. It really goes a long way and makes a meaningful difference. We recommend supporting the following:

Chokyur Lingpa Foundation.

CLF and the Ka Ning Shedrup Ling Monastery are based in Boudhanath. They run health camps, education projects and provide a wide range of social services in Kathmandu Valley and also in remote mountainous areas. They are well organized and equipped to get support to where it is needed most with a network of monks, nuns, villagers and foreign students and volunteers –including American, European and Asian doctors, nurses, dentists.

Tsokyni Nuns Foundation

This trusted, well organized group of nuns, monks and volunteers are helping people who were impacted in Chobar area just outside Kathmandu city. This area was devastated and help is needed. They are also working to assist rural areas.



I was in touch with a Tibetan women we work with in Nepal this morning and she was telling me that many of our colleagues and friends are ok but one lost their home and others have had to vacate and they are trying to make sure they have enough water, food, supplies while sleeping under tarps in fields. They are strong but need help.
Please consider providing $5, $10 or $25 dollars to The Bridge Fund and we will equally divide all contributions to support the following:
  •  Tsokyni Nuns has mobilized their network of nuns, monks and volunteers to help Chobar and areas near Swayambunath (some of you know it as the monkey temple) and Nubri
  • Chogyur Lingpa-Supporting Kathmandu relief, esp in Boudhnath, and rural relief. Monks, nuns and foreign volunteers are all mobilized and doing great work.
  • Nepal Seeds-supporting rural areas including Nubri on Tibetan border (they are cut off and need relief to be dropped in or brought in by foot or horse)
  • We Help Nepal-local group run by expat volunteers and Nepalis
  • Local volunteer group in Swayambunath-Tibetans, Nepalese and Expats helping their communities
How to Give:
Send a contribution by check to:
The Bridge Fund
2018 R Street, NW
Floor 3
Washington DC 20009
You can also send a contribution online to TBF’s financial managers, RPA in NY:
Please note donation is for  TBF- NEPAL.
TBF is a 501 c 3 non profit and all contributions are tax exempt to the extent allowed by law. 
American Himalayan Foundation, Shechen in US or Europe and Save the Children are also excellent groups to support.
I will be in Nepal in mid to late May on a trip I had scheduled before the earthquake and will send back updates and reports. We will also be working to support the artisans, weavers and workers who are part of the Fibre Tibet project. Designers and friends have kindly offered to help out with a fund to help the workers recover.


Thank you for your consideration. Namaste and Tashi Delek!


Monica Garry


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