The Bridge Fund receives support from foundations, individuals and government grant awards from the United States (USAID), Norway, the Netherlands and France.

On behalf of all of the Tibetan communities in China we serve, TBF extends our deep gratitude to all of our donors who make our vitally important work possible.

The Bridge Fund is grateful to USAID and the American people for the generous support to our program. The Bridge Fund’s Cooperative agreement with usaid has directly assisted on average an estimated 50,000 tibetans annually through a multi-year integrated development program.  This program supports sustainable economic development, cultural heritage preservation and environmental conservation in communities across the Tibetan plateau.

A strategic emphasis is placed on poverty reduction in nomadic regions which responds to needs and gaps through a participatory community based planning process.


The Government of Norway has been a key donor to The Bridge Fund since 2000. This generous support has provided funding for healthcare, education, cultural heritage preservation, training and organizational capacity building programs.



The Government of the Netherlands has generously supported a cultural heritage preservation program which protects significant cultural sites in tibetan regions of China.




The European Union recently awarded The Bridge Fund a three-year grant 2009-2011 in support of a development program for nomadic communities in Sichuan and Qinghai.



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