During the past 7 years The Bridge Fund has directly benefitted an estimated 754,928 Tibetans. Through multiplier effects TBF has benefitted an estimated 1.2 million Tibetans during this time frame. TBF has assisted over 980 projects in all regions of the Tibetan plateau. 

Key highlights-promoting sustainability and self-reliance

  • 1st nomadic cooperatives registered-4 established to date in Amdo and Kham
  • 1stTibetan business center established in Chengdu to serve all areas of the plateau
    • Support from Babson College, HEC-Paris, London School of Economics, New York University and Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs
  • 1,314 scholarships provided annually to Tibetan students based on merit and need
  • 720 English Training Program graduates
  • 8 computer centers established in Tibetan schools
  • 43 Tibetan Masters of Business Management Graduates supported
  • 258,262 Tibetan language books published-science, math, art, health, development, environment, culture and training manuals
  • 60,000 Tibetan language environmental posters
  • 77 school improvements
  • 22 cultural heritage site restorations supported-monasteries, nunneries, mani walls

Overarching programs that achieve real results

  • Partnerships with UNESCO and World Wildlife Fund on 5 year preservation and conservation programs with Tibetan communities
  • Environmental protection training programs for local nature guards in Changtang
  • Comprehensive multi-year job training and skills workshops for Tibetan teachers, principals, doctors, nurses, midwifes, veterinarians, NGO leaders and business people
  • Tibetan medium language education support-teacher training, Track 1 schools and materials
  • Tibetan language publications and text preservation program with scholars
  • Tibetan language libraries for schools
  • Partnerships with leading NGOs and institutions in China
  • Supporting the start up and development of over 25 local Tibetan NGOs
  • Programs with monasteries and nunneries to assist social, cultural and environmental needs
  • Was one of the only groups able to work officially with Chinese partners on earthquake relief in Yushu and is still supporting projects in all parts of the plateau.


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